Stockholm: Food Guide - Dining Out

Venice of the North

Stockholm Food Guide - Dining Out

Stockholm is a cosmopolitan European capital and has a good selection of decent quality restaurants and a generally good standard of food. Swedish food itself may not be world famous, besides salmon and herring, but there are a variety of suitable restaurants in Stockholm from all over the globe. Stockholm is not cheap however, so be prepared to pay around 15-20€ for a moderate meal. Specialist local foods in Stockholm include salmon (lax), potatoes, pickled herring (sil) and smorgåsbord (sandwich buffet). For cheap eats, pizzas are inexpensive at around 5-6€ and Middle Eastern fast food such as kebabs and falafel are authentic and not bad for the money. Cosy cafes for lunch are more of a speciality in Stockholm, especially in Södermalm and Gamlastan. Coffee is generally quite good as are sandwiches and cakes. Lunch can be had for under 10€ and a “fika” (coffee and sweet bun) for 5-6€.