Stockholm: Sightseeing

Venice of the North

Stockholm Sightseeing

Stockholm is a great place for sight seeing and just walking around and taking in the city’s beautiful views and architecture. Gamla Stan and the northern part of Södermalm are wonderful spots for strolling and sight seeing. Stockholm has over 70 museeums, many art galleries, old churches and buildings to see. Visits to the Skansen and Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum) are a must. The Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset), Stockholm City Library (Stadsbiblioteket) and the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet) are important and impressive architectural sights. For natural sight seeing within and close to the Swedish capital, a visit to Djurgården (a natural park with an impressive array of Nordic fauna) and visits to the Stockholm Archipelago are encouraged. Most sights requiring entry fees will have discounts for children, students, youths and pensioners.