Stockholm: Food and Drink

Venice of the North

Stockholm Food and Drink

Food and drink in Stockholm is better than one might expect from this Scandinavian capital of the far north. A multicultural international environment and a good standard of culinary skill have provides Stockholm with many decent dining and drinking opportunities. Though Sweden is most famous for seafood such as salmon and pickled herring, there are a variety of good restaurants in Stockholm which should suit most tastes. Stockholm is not cheap however, so be prepared to pay around 15-20€ for a moderate meal. If you want to save money, inexpensive meals include pizzas for 5-6€ and Middle Eastern fast food such as kebabs and falafal, which are authentic and a popular choice after a night out. Having lunch or coffee in a cosy cafe is a popular Stockholm pass time, especially in Södermalm and Gamlastan. Coffees are large and strong and usually eaten with a cake. Lunch can be had for under 10€ and a “fika” (coffee and sweet bun) for 5-6€. If you are in Stockholm in late winter, try a semla, which is a roll with cream and almond paste. Drinks in Stockholm are quite expensive. Expect to pay 5-7€ for a beer and 10€ for a mixed drink. Popular drinks include vodka, schnapps, and local and imported beers.