South of France: Introduction

Beautiful, modern but cultural, exotic tastes and bread that tastes stale by lunchtime

South of France Introduction South of France Introduction South of France Introduction

The South of France is a large and diverse area, covering a total of seven regions of France (eight including the island of Corsica). As a result, it offers an astonishingly wide range of holiday destinations, activities, architecture, culture and cuisine. Indeed, the greatest problem you will face on holiday in the South of France is deciding what you do and don’t have the time to do! Unless planning on a city break in one of the areas famous cities, hiring a car is definitely recommended in order to get around and see as much as possible.

Main roads in France are some of the best in the world, with little congestion and smooth traveling. Couple that with the views across unspoiled countryside and you have a very painless road trip. Having a car will help you get between the areas innumerable world class restaurants, for which it is most famous. Food-wise, there is something for everyone in the South of France, from the world’s most highly rated Michelin-starred restaurants to the country Auberges serving up culinary marvels for recession-proof prices.

The area is also incredibly culturally diverse, with architectural marvels from every dynasty as far back as the Romans, including the astonishingly preserved Roman amphitheatre at Arles. One thing about a holiday in the South of France is certain – you will never be bored!