Seychelles: Introduction

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Seychelles Introduction Seychelles Introduction Seychelles Introduction

Seychelles beaches are so picture-perfect they defy description. From the larger islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue to tiny, enchanting atolls, you're never far from a pristine stretch of white sand. Often, you'll find you have a gorgeous beach all to yourself, a boon to those on a romantic getaway. Refreshingly free of mass tourism and committed to preserving its natural wonders, Seychelles invites visitors to unwind and experience its diverse, Creole-spiced culture at a leisurely pace. Walking and biking are preferred modes of transport beyond the three larger islands, and island-hoppers will enjoy quick trips on a number of small boats, ferries and regional airplanes.

Not to be missed, two UNESCO world-heritage sites showcase some of the most memorable Seychelles attractions. One, a hauntingly beautiful primeval forest called Vallée de Mai, is studded with unique Coco de Mer palm trees bearing gigantic seeds and fruits. The second, Aldabra Atoll, is the largest raised coral atoll in the world. Visit Aldabra to see rare wildlife, including manta rays, tiger sharks and a magnificent population of giant tortoises.

Seychelles offers a full range of ocean activities, including sailing and diving excursions, in addition to fascinating historic sites and exclusive spas. You may choose to catch your dinner on a guided fishing trip or simply tuck into the catch of the day on a seaside terrace. However you fill your balmy Seychelles days and nights, expect a genuine welcome from the Seychellois, an ethnically-diverse people understandably proud of their earthly paradise.