Seychelles: When to go

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Seychelles When to go

With an average of seven hours of sunshine per day, there's no bad time to visit Seychelles. Temperatures range between 24°C and 32°C throughout the year. However, the trade winds do bring seasonal changes. They usher in warmer, wetter weather between October and April, with January being the rainiest month. Tropical rain showers can be sudden and heavy, but often affect only one side of an island, so they can often be escaped. Between May and September, trade winds from a different direction carry slightly cooler, drier airstreams and make the seas choppy – something to consider if you're planning to fish.

The transitional periods (March to April and October to November) are normally calm and windless. Overall, March and April are the warmest months, but shade temperatures rarely exceed 30°C and during the coolest, driest months of July and August, the thermometer may dip to the low twenties (Centigrade). Although Seychelles lies outside the hurricane belt, such activity elsewhere in the Indian Ocean can still bring unseasonably cloudy, windy weather between December and March.