Seville: Introduction

Tapas bars, nightlife and stylish people

Seville Introduction Seville Introduction

Few cities are more intensely Spanish than Seville. As the cultural, artistic and financial centre of Andalucía, Seville parades its Spanish heart proudly, revelling in the traditions of bullfighting and flamenco. Of course, there’s far more to Seville than that – you’ll find a stunning blend of architecture with Seville’s Roman, Islamic, Gothic and Renaissance structures providing a feast for the eyes, set along winding medieval streets dotted with orange trees and sunlight.

A passion for life is evident in every corner of Seville – from the devout devotions of Holy Week (Semana Santa), the romantic annual Spring Fair (Feria de Abil), the parades of matadors and flamenco dancers thronging the streets of Seville, to the hoards of beautiful people just out to enjoy themselves in Seville’s numerous restaurants, clubs and tapas bars.

There are a few drawbacks. Seville enjoys wonderful year-round sunshine, but in the summer months of July and August the heat in Seville can be almost unbearable: a lot of natives, quite advisably, leave the city during that time. Also, Seville is on the expensive side, particularly during Holy Week and the April Fair when tourists and locals alike clamour to experience these most Spanish of festivals. But, these things aside, Seville provides such a feast for all the senses that you’re sure to want to return again and again.