Sardinia: Bed and Breakfast

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Sardinia Bed and Breakfast

There are a variety of B&Bs available in Sardinia they can often be found under names such as pensione or an albergo. There is no obvious difference between the two except that a pensione is usually rated from a one- to three-star standard with basic facilities and communal bathrooms, and an albergo can be rated up to a five-star standard often with a private bathroom, room service, and parking. Compared to hotels, B&Bs can often have more basic facilities, and but the accommodation is comfortable and often full of character. An agriturismo is another type of holiday where visitors will stay in B&B style accommodation on a working farm. These are popular all over the island and you can often sample the local produce, and experience farming life, whilst enjoying a comfortable stay in stylish accommodation. B&Bs cost approximately €20 - €40 per person per night.