Sardinia: Public Holidays

The Little Continent

Sardinia Public Holidays

Sardinia is rich in history and religion and many of the public holidays and festivals celebrate these historical events.

Anno Nuovo (New Years Day)
Befana (Epiphany) 6 January
Venerdi Santo (Good Friday) March/ April
Pasquetta/ Giorno dopo Pasqua (Easter Monday) March/ April
Giorno della Liberazione (Liberation Day) 25 April
Giorno de Lavoro (Labour Day) 1 May
Giorno del Repubblica (Republic Day) 2 June
Ferragosto 15 August
Ognissanti (All Saint’s Day) 1 November
Concezione Immaculata (Immaculate Conception Feast) 8 December
Natale (Christmas Day) 25 December
Festa di Santo Stefano (Boxing Day; Feast of Santo Stefano) 26 December