Sardinia: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Sardinia Food Guide - Dining Out

While most of Sardinia’s food is traditionally Italian, the locals like to throw their own individual character into their dishes. Sardinia’s food can seem simple to visitors but the natural ingredients are of the highest quality and there’s very little importing of food items on the island. Popular Sardinian dishes include donkey sausages, horse, black pudding (zurrette), and tripe sandwiches. If these dishes don’t appeal to you, try one of 400 varieties of bread produced on the island or one of their infamous cheeses. Sardinia’s most famous cheese is pecorino romano and the island produces 80% of Italy’s supply. Sardinia also specialises in soups and meat-based broths, which of course are always accompanied by one of the 400 bread varieties.

As you might have already guessed, the Sardinians love their meat and three particular dishes dominate the menus: agnello (lamb), porceddu (suckling pig), and capretto (kid) which can be found the further up the mountain you travel. A popular Sardinian meat sauce used to accompany these dishes is al mirto, made from the red berry of the myrtle bush. Coastal regions of Sardinia will provide seafood dishes on their menu but they prefer met dishes. Seafood dishes can usually be found in the popular coastal and fishing hot spots of Cagliari, Alghero, and the Oristano coast. When it comes to desserts Sardinians like to keep it simple and within the season. The island’s most infamous dessert is the seadas and consists of bran, orange peel, and ricotta, drenched in honey and wrapped up in a light pastry. Local liqueurs (mirto) and cheese platters are a popular way to finish of a tasty meal.