Sardinia: Wine Tasting Holiday

The Little Continent

Sardinia Wine Tasting Holiday

If you are looking to capture the essence of Italian flavours, take a wine tasting holiday in Sardinia. With its numerous vineyards across the islands, Sardinians are proud of their local wine and have been producing it for thousands and thousands of years. The flavours of the grapes are powerful and vintners have recently had to tame the alcohol content in order to produce some lighter varieties. There are many award-winning vineyards scattered throughout the island and many are open to members of the public for a tour and some sampling. A wine tasting holiday is not complete without discovering the region’s local speciality. In Sardinia this is a fortified wine called Vernaccia, produced in Oristano, and usually served as an aperitif. Wine is very affordable in Sardinia and a bottle of table wine in a restaurant averages between €12 – €20. During November Millis is home to the Rassegna del Vino (Festival of Young Wine), where some of the island’s best wine producers get together to show off their finest wine products. Some of the greatest vineyards are located in the northeast area of Sardinia in Tempo Pausania and Berchidda, the northern region of Alghero, and Oristano.