Sardinia: Shopping Holiday

The Little Continent

Sardinia Shopping Holiday

A shopping holiday in Sardinia can be a great way to excess your luggage and empty your wallet. There are so many different types of shops across the island with the chic shops and boutiques of the Costa Smeralda, markets with local crafts, antiques and produce in coastal towns, and high-quality coral jewellery near Alghero. Different regions of Sardinia are known for different crafts traditions and one particular shopping must-have is the island’s traditional hand-made pocket-knife produced in Patada and Arbus. Coastal and tourist resorts can be expensive but the further inland you go the more you will notice the lower prices. Most of the island’s shops are independent. You will not find many of the high street chains you are used to at home but a shopping holiday in Sardinia will no doubt find you find a local treasure or gift to remember the island by.