Sardinia: Hiking Activity Holiday

The Little Continent

Sardinia Hiking Activity Holiday

If you are planning a walking and climbing holiday in Sardinia, there are a wide range of mountainous terrains, steep hills, and winding valleys to choose from. The spectacular cliffs and gorges provide a thrilling trek for the adventurous hikers. There are a number of routes to take for a walking holiday in Sardinia including the rugged paths of the highest point of the island, Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu, the limestone area of the Supramonte, and the prehistoric ruins of Sa Sedda 'e Sos Carros and Tiscali. More relaxing walks can be found in the north of the island around Monte Limbara, Alghero, and the Iglesiante area. If you are looking to take a walking and climbing holiday in Sardinia, don’t forget to bring your walking boots, a stick, and wear comfortable clothing. The heat can be intense during the summer months so prepare yourself for any long hikes or treks.