Sardinia: Culture and Arts

The Little Continent

Sardinia Culture and Arts

If you are looking to experience a culture and arts holiday in Sardinia, the sights and attractions are endless. From the northern region of Sassari, all the way down to the south of the island where the capital, Cagliari, lies, there is so much to explore. Discover the archaeological delights across the island with ruins of temples, thermal baths, city walls, and amphitheatres. Traditional Sardinian folk dances and music still exist on the island and traditional costumes are proudly worn during the many festivals on the island. Poetry and literature are important aspects of Sardinian arts and the island was home to the Nobel Prize winning Grazia Deledda. Taking a culture and arts holiday in Sardinia can open the mind and the heart especially through its beautiful paintings and sculptures. There is something to discover in every region whether it is a music festival, a museum, an art gallery, or an archaeological gem; perfect if you are seeking a culture and arts holiday in Sardinia.