Sardinia: Couples Holiday

The Little Continent

Sardinia Couples Holiday

With over 1800km of coastline and a situation equidistant between Italy and Tunisia, Sardinia lies in the heart of the Mediterranean. It has an exclusive reputation and an exquisite coastline, making Sardinia is the perfect place to spend a romantic holiday or honeymoon on the beach or surrounded by nature.

The only minus is that Sardinia is not the ideal destination if you are a couple on a budget. Sardinia is quite a costly holiday destination and accommodation, although beautiful, is expensive. Search our Sardinia accommodation deals for the latest hotel and self-catered holiday villa offers.

Below is an introduction to each of the areas in Sardinia – all of which are excellent choices for those looking for a relaxing couples holiday.

Alghero & the North West
Sardinia’s north west coast shelters the most attractive seaside resorts on the island, interspersed with some really spectacular coastline – from dramatic rugged cliffs to dazzling sandy beaches. Alghero is a popular resort town in this area, with a distinctive Catalan character, quaint narrow streets and a charming harbour-front; ideal for romantic walks.

Central Sardinia
Wild and remote, the landscapes of Central Sardinia are spectacular, with valleys, gorges, canyons, forests and towering mountain peaks. Sardinian culture has been more preserved here than elsewhere on the island so you can be sure to experience the real Sardinian way of life in the local towns and untouched mountain villages. It could be said that if you were to go looking for the ‘real’ Sardinia you would head for the mountainous heart of the island – here is where you will find the rural Sardinians living life much as it was at the turn of the last century. The coastal part of this region also has some of the island’s best beaches and some stunning cliffs; perfect for couples looking for a holiday retreat.

Southern Sardinia
It has taken much longer for visitors to discover the incredibly wild, beautiful and unspoilt region of Southern Sardinia. Outside of the busy capital and port of Cagliari the south is less commercialised than the north of the island; and the southern coastline boasts stunning beaches and crystal clear seas. It is teeming with dramatic mountain ranges, interesting wildlife and prehistoric sites.
This region’s real lures are its pristine, untouched beaches that punctuate most of the southern coastline. Yet there is a good deal else to draw couples here: the dramatic sweep of the inland Sulcis mountains, the character filled town of Pula with its neat piazza and fine restaurants; and the capital itself which throbs with typical Sardinian energy.