Samos: Sightseeing

Tropical beaches, rolling mountains, pine forests and vineyards

Samos Sightseeing

If you’re into classical history or archaeological sites, then Samos is a dream place for a holiday. Highlights include Pythagoras’ cave, the temple of Hera, Logothetis Castle, the ancient theatre of Pythagoras, the tunnel of Eupalinos, the Folklore Museum and the Aegean Museum of natural history, to name but a few. There are many beautiful monasteries to explore, all over the island. Art enthusiasts will want to check out the Theriade Library and Museum of Modern Art in Andros Town.

You can check out the beautiful waterfalls of Potami and explore the vast range of beaches and coves found along the 160km of coastline. Samos also offers a huge range of boat trips around the island, to other Greek Islands and even day trips to Turkey to see Ephesus.