Samos: Hiking Activity Holiday

Tropical beaches, rolling mountains, pine forests and vineyards

Samos Hiking Activity Holiday

Samos is a very green island and is a haven for nature lovers. It has pine forests, fresh water springs, mountain villages, olive groves, deep gorges, vineyards and classical ruins. A relatively easy walk and a favourite among walkers is through the Valley of the Nightingales.

If you are visiting at the beginning or end of the season this is the time to hear them as nightingales only sing in cool temperatures. Because of the enticing combination of mountains and sea, Samos is a popular destination for walkers from all over Europe. Anything from a ramble to a demanding hike is on offer, particularly in the north of the island. Samos has an extensive network of cobbled mule tracks (kalderimia), particularly in the hills behind Kokkari.

Hikers will find plenty of shade, which is essential in the summer! The Vourliotes area is renowned for its walks and the breathtaking scenery across the area's vineyards. The best climbing field in Samos is just outside Karlovasi, near Potami. On the other side of the island, near the village of Drakaioi, there is a slope with a capacity of two or even three ropes. Near the village of Marathokambos, on the south-western side of Samos you can find the slopes of Mt. Kerkes which is the highest mountain in Samosi. This is the location of the oldest track, called ‘The Pythagorean Theorem’.

Walking and hiking paths for all experience levels can be found around the island. In a single walk you can see sea, the mountainous shores of Turkey, valleys and ancient ruins.