Rome: Hotels

The Eternal City

Rome Hotels

Once in the eternal city, you won't have to look far to find luxury 4 and 5 star hotels dotted around its ancient streets. Some of the hotels in Rome are the most accredited hotels in Europe and, not surprising, the most expensive. If you're not looking for a hefty bill at the end of your week stay, why not look into other accommodation options - B&B's and hostels in Rome are of a similar stature to some of the best in Europe.

Choosing a hotel in Rome - Once you have booked flights, the next step is to book your accommodation. Booking as far in advance as possible will give you the biggest choice of hotels and prices. Rome is a relatively expensive city for accommodation, and hotels are heavily-booked. Costs start at around €50 for a single room in a budget B&B (read reviews before committing yourself); a standard double room in a central three star starts at around €120 per night; a four-star is likely to cost between €160 and €300 and the sky is the limit if you're looking for luxury accommodation.

Where should I stay in Rome?

- The central area of Rome is not huge, and a fit person can travel between the town's tourist attractions on foot. However, it can be very tiring trekking around the streets and too much reliance on public transport may seem to waste valuable “relaxation time” and become expensive. So it's worth taking some time to consider what would be the best area for you to stay in. You'll undoubtedly have a great stay, wherever your accommodation, but hotel location is bound to make a difference to your Rome experience.