Rome: Introduction

The Eternal City

Rome Introduction Rome Introduction Rome Introduction

Rome is a chaotic, magnificent, and stunning place. As one of the major art cities in Italy, Rome attracts visitors year-round. Often called the "Eternal city", Rome is not only represented by its masterpieces of art, and grand architecture, monuments and museums but by its traditional streets and alleyways where one can explore traits of Italian lifestyle and culture.

It's the kind of place where you'll want to relax, fill up on endless cappuccinos, soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful setting. And when you can’t drink anymore and you’re feeling a little sun burnt, climb the Spanish Steps, an impressive flight of marble steps lined with many street side cafes, bars and restaurants or visit the Pantheon, the Vatican museum or the Colosseum. Rome just has so much on offer and is undeniably one of the most magnificent European cities. Whatever time you devote to Italy's capital, put on your walking shoes, buy a good map and plan your time carefully - the city will eventually seem less chaotic and overwhelming than it first appears.