Rome: Useful Information

The Eternal City

Rome Useful Information

- Rome is notorious for pickpockets - be extremely careful on the subways.
- Wear your walking shoes! You’ll need them.
- Hotels are very expensive but food is not. Splurge a little and stay in a nice area of town that’s convenient to the major sites, you won’t regret it, because ….
- The Metro system doesn’t get you very many places you need to go. You will use it perhaps for the Coliseum and the Vatican but that’s about all.
- Don’t expect to find a local bagel shop, a patisserie, or a Starbucks. If your hotel does not serve breakfast, I recommend finding a grocery store to purchase some goodies for your room.
- Any church (not just St. Peter’s) will require pants or skirts below the knee and not allow sleeveless attire. It’s best to just keep a cardigan with you, as Rome can be sweltering, so you will probably want to wear sleeveless.
- Best be careful if you are an August honeymoon as the local inhabitants tend to close up shop so you might miss out on that perfect little enclave serving amazing lasagna.