Rome: Nightlife

The Eternal City

Rome Nightlife

For those with a flair for nightlife, Testaccio Village, via di Monte Testaccio, is rapidly becoming Rome's hottest spot for a summer night with three performance areas, snack areas, pizzerias and post-concert clubs that stay open most of the night. If you want a more laid back night out, one of the best things to do in Rome in the evening is to watch the sun set and then the city light up. Many of the fabulous buildings are flood lit, really making them stand out and look even more striking than they do during the day. For the most part, Rome is not the place for all-night club hopping the way many European cities are but rather for casual people-watching, lazy strolls, and a good glass of wine. There is live music and plenty of other entertainment in the cafés, clubs and bars but if you’re looking for a buzzing nightlife, crowded dance floors and thumping music you would probably be better off in Barcelona, Paris, or Amsterdam.