Rome: Winter Sun

The Eternal City

Rome Winter Sun

The sun shines throughout most of the winter in Rome and the city is vibrant and alive during the colder months of the year. Temperatures vary throughout the winter; sometimes a cold wind can send a chill through the streets; at other times it’s mild enough to sit outside, even in February. Although many restaurants and bars have heaters above outdoors tables, and continue to serve customers, be sure to bring some warm clothes. The Christmas period in Rome really begins on the 8th December, the festival of the Immaculate Conception, when the Pope pays a visit to the Spanish Steps, and flowers are placed over a statue of Mary. The last big religious date is the 6th of January, Epiphany. As well as the grand display outside St Peter's, other nativity scenes can be seen in most of Rome's churches. Winter is truly a beautiful time to visit Rome.