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The Eternal City

Rome Party Holiday - Singles Life

Rome is not the place for all-night club hopping the way many European cities are but rather for casual people-watching, lazy strolls, and a good glass of wine. There is live music and plenty of other entertainment in the cafés, clubs and bars but if you’re single and looking for crowded dance floors and thumping music you would probably be better off in Barcelona, Paris, or Amsterdam.

If you’re determined for a buzzing night out in Rome, Trastevere is by far the most characteristic part of town. You can wander through the maze-like streets and you'll have no trouble finding a number of live music clubs and smaller, more relaxed pubs tucked away in back alleys. Just south of the Aventine Hill, the district of Testaccio is arguably the best place for a singles party. Late at night this part of town really comes alive for movers and shakers as most of Rome’s dance clubs are concentrated here, especially along Via di Monte Testaccio. During the summer however, many of the clubs close and the party moves into the streets and out to the coast.