Rome: Naturism

The Eternal City

Rome Naturism

Overall, Rome is not the best option for naturists or nudists. In Rome, Pope Pius XI strongly condemned the naturism movement throughout the early 1930s, calling it "paganly immodest”. In June 2000 the commune of Roma reserved 250 meters of Capocotta beach to the naturists defining a historic change of attitude towards naturism. The Beach of Capocotta is part of the Natural Reserve of Castel Porziano, it is 3 kilometres long and it is situated between Ostia and Tor Vaianica, just South of Rome. Nudists use to go there since the early 70s, so it is the oldest nudist beach of Lazio region. In the last years, after some big huts have been built by the dunes, the place for nudists has diminished day by day.