Rome: City Breaks

The Eternal City

Rome City Breaks

Rome offers the ideal destination if you’re looking for a city break in Europe. It is rated one of the top ten cities for a city break worldwide. A city break in Rome is a great opportunity to visit one of the world’s most famous and celebrated cities, with magnificent ancient buildings, fantastic art works and a vibrant nightlife. Once in Rome, try not to plan to see all the sights. It's not possible to appreciate all the city has to offer in one visit, and you'll need at least two or three city breaks to Rome to make any headway. An alternative approach to enjoying city breaks in Rome is to explore the city by chance. Although the historic centre is fairly small, there are lots to see: lovely bridges, piazzas, fountains, castles, gardens, churches and museums will all reveal themselves to you as you wander. You'll need a good map on you, though - it's easy to get side tracked and lose yourself entirely.