Rhodes: Useful Information

(Ro-dos in Greek)

Rhodes Useful Information

- Banks are normally open during the week from 8am to 2pm but closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Banks in towns and major resorts all change money, travellers cheques and euro cheques if supported by a euro cheque card.

- Don't stay out in the midday sun during the summer months and always wear sunscreen when on the beaches or walking around town.

- Anyone visiting a doctor in Rhodes will be expected to pay all their bills in cash. The standard of medical care on the island is good.

- Chemists have a red or a green cross which is displayed outside. The opening hours are the same as the shops.

- The islands sewage pipes cannot cope with toilet paper or sanitary products so always use the bins provided - even in hotels.

- The tap water is natural spring water so you can drink and brush your teeth with it safely.

- Any sort of disrespect to the Greek state or Orthodox Church is frowned upon by local people so always avoid any kind of verbal insults which are punishable by the Greek courts.

- Service charges are included in most hotel, restaurant and bar bills but a small tip is always appreciated if service or food has been particularly good.