Rhodes: Fishing

(Ro-dos in Greek)

Fishing in Rhodes is popular among tourists and many hotels on the island have a fishing package included in their service. Lindos and Haraki are the best-known locations for fishing on the island and offer the chance to hook a large variety from flounder, plaice and cod to whiting, pout, ballan wrasse, mullet and pollock. Although fishing in Rhodes is encouraged it is usually for food and some locals will frown on recreational fishing where the fish is released back into the water. There are a number of rules, licensing restrictions and laws that limit the way in which fish may be caught on the island with recreational fishing banned in certain areas.

However, sports fishing is allowed on some parts of the island where you will be required to show a fishing license issued by local port authorities. For non-Greek European citizens, two photos and a photocopy of their passport will be required to get a license to go fishing in Rhodes and non-European citizens cannot even apply. For applicants under the age of 18, a signed permission from their parents or guardian is required. Aside from the license, those wanting to go fishing in Rhodes must also get a fishing license booklet.