Quebec: Useful Information

The crown jewel of French Canada

Quebec Useful Information

Quebec is typically a safe province but in the major cities be careful of pickpockets.
Wear your walking shoes! You’ll need them.
Signs are in French.
Do not complain about the French.
Jaywalking is common.
Taxis are often an affordable option for downtown transportation.
Buses may be cancelled or delayed in bad weather.
Dress for winter weather with very cold and icy temperatures.
Don’t rent a car if you do not have to - downtown parking is very expensive and traffic is thick.
Quebec is on Eastern Time.
Tipping is expected: 15% in restaurants, 10% to 15% for taxis, €0.5 per bag for porters, €1 per
day for hotel housekeepers.
Minimum drinking age is 18.
Open bottles of alcohol are not allowed in public places.