Quebec: Introduction

The crown jewel of French Canada

Quebec Introduction Quebec Introduction Quebec Introduction

Quebec is one of Canada’s most loved provinces, and the only province whose population is predominantly French. Quebec is not only home to three large and some of the oldest cities in North America: (Montreal, Quebec City which is the capital, and Gatineau) but bustling rural communities, breathtaking natural lakes and mountains, and a rich French Canadian heritage; Quebec offers something for everyone. Regardless of the time of year, Quebec, the belle province, hosts entertainment 365 days a year such as the Quebec City Winter Carnival (the largest in the world) and the International Jazz Festival in Montreal.

The province's location is an attraction in itself, the heart of which is the St. Lawrence River on which you will find both Quebec City (the historic district in Quebec City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Montreal (look for the iconic Mount Royal, a three headed mountain).

In both Quebec's cities and rural areas you will find countless reminders of the province's first French settlers, such as anscestral homes, historic churches, old lighthouses and even cobblestone streets. Quebec is also home to over one million lakes and waterways which makes the province ideal for outdoors activities such as fishing, cycling, hiking and swimming; accommodation and facilities are always handily nearby.

Quebec is a province proud of its French heritage and encourages French culture and the langauge to thrive which travellers will find in all of Quebec's wonderful and diverse regions. Explore the capital Quebec City for historical insight, Mont Tremblant for skiing, camping and hiking in the mountains, the Eastern Townships, Gaspe Peninsula for water sports, pristine wilderness in the Quebec Artic and of course Montreal, home to a legendary nightlife.

Quebec is undeniably a French province that knows how to balance work and play; Quebec boasts small boutiques, large markets, stunning lakes and scenery, cultural galleries, fantastic local eateries and enough festivals to fill up an entire calendar year. In short, Quebec is an exciting province for all visitors.