Quebec: Fishing

The crown jewel of French Canada

Quebec Fishing

Fishing in Quebec is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Even in the confines of the cities there are opportunities to fish a number of species such as walleye, northern pike, sturgeon, trout, muskie, as well as smallmouth and largemouth bass. For the best chances in Montreal head to the Boucherville Islands. Use of motorized engines is limited.

Anglers in Quebec can also check out La Diable, L'Assomption and La Pimbina areas within Parc National du Mont Tremblant. Lake space can be reserved or on the day space becomes open from 7 am onwards at first come first serve basis. Québec offers fishing in innumerable lakes, rivers and ponds; salmon fishing enthusiasts should head to the Gaspe Peninsula and the waters of the Appalachians. Fishing enthusiasts in Quebec will also find lodging, equipment and guides readily available.