Quebec: Canoeing

The crown jewel of French Canada

Quebec Canoeing

Around Quebec there is plenty of opportunity to canoe and kayak. One of the best locations in Montreal to canoe is the Parc de la Riviere-des-Mille-Iles, just off the shores of Laval. There are lots of islands to explore with good bird watching chances. The Parc Iles-de-Boucherville on the St. Lawrence River is another good place to canoe and kayak in Quebec. The Lachine Canal which is now open to boaters can take you all the way from downtown Montreal to Lake Saint Louise. Stop off and enjoy a picnic along the way.

Canoers should note that currents can often be strong. The Gaspé Peninsula, an immense water-bound mountain range, is another great place to canoe or kayak in Quebec. In all, over 1,400 km of river flow through the Appalachians, awaiting the attentions of canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. The Route bleue de la Gaspésie offers all paddlers the possibility to get acquainted with sea kayaking along the most important natural landscapes such as cliffs, shores and rivers.