Quebec: Skiing - Snow Boarding

The crown jewel of French Canada

Quebec Skiing - Snow Boarding

Refusing to be overshadowed by the Canadian Rockies and Whistler, Quebec offers a great alternative for skiers and snowboarders. Ski passes in Quebec are significantly cheaper than other major Canadian destinations. The best time to go is in January and February and March Easter Break. Often if you buy a pass during these times, you can ski for free or for discounted rates the next time. In Quebec you will find a vast amount of skiing and snowboarding options including St Sauveur in the Laurentians (the largest amount of night runs in the world) and in the north Mont Tremblant.

Other good areas include Bromont, Orford and Owlshead.There are over 90 hills throughout the province and over 800 trails for skiiers of every level. Spread over the two major mountain ranges, the Laurentians and the Appalachians, ski hills are found conveniently near Quebec City and Montreal. Cross country skiing in Quebec is also widely available with over 4000km of trails.