Quebec: Shopping Holiday

The crown jewel of French Canada

Quebec Shopping Holiday

Quebec is a hotspot for world-class shopping, evident by the many well dressed women (arguably the best dressed in Canada). In Montreal head first to Ste Catherine Street for some serious trends and finds. For some truly unique pieces go to “the Main' Saint-Laurent where you will just about everything. Chinatown is an upbeat alternative for speciality items. For classic designer brands go to Sherbrooke Street. The Underground City in Montreal also boasts some fine shopping, particularly in winter. The Underground City is home to many shops and eateries including the Eaton Centre and Place des Arts.

Old Montreal, like Quebec City is the perfect place to do some simultaneous exploring and shopping and check out the antiques. Enjoy the province's European atmosphere as you peruse any given market or flea market found all over Quebec. The cobblestone streets will lead you to some great finds and shops. Montreal's downtown also has no shortage of shopping complexes including Place Quebec Trust, Place Ville Marie and Place Alexis Nihon.