Puerto Rico: Useful Information

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Useful Information

-Learn a few essential Spanish words and phrases to get around the country easily (Send us your email and we will send you a free language guide for Puerto Rico!)
-When traveling around at night, it is advisable to travel in a tourist taxi. Avoid buses and publicos at night.
-Tipping taxi drivers and waiters is the norm in Puerto Rico.
-Drink bottled water at all times.
-Wash and peel fresh fruits and vegetables before consuming them.
-Try and avoid swimming in lakes and rivers.
-There are no customs duties on goods brought into Puerto Rico.
-Smoking in all public places is against the law in Puerto Rico. Smoking is prohibited in virtually all enclosed spaces, including restaurants, clubs, discos, casinos, bars, buildings, shopping centers, businesses, elevators, public transportation, and ambulances.
-Use travelers’ checks and carry only cash and credit cards you will need. Do not flash around cash and do not discuss plans with strangers.
-While sightseeing, take proper direction of where you want to go from your hotel staff. Avoid enquiring directions from strangers on the street.
-Certain neighborhoods in Puerto Rico are notorious for crime. Avoid them at all costs.
-Carry all essential phone numbers in case of any emergencies.
- Lock your cars. Do not leave visible objects in your parked vehicles. Stay away from dark, isolated areas. Do not carry a lot of parcels. Do not wear expensive jewelry as you stroll around the streets.