Puerto Rico: Crime

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Crime

Puerto Rico has a high crime rate owing mostly to the high incidence of drug trafficking in the country. In Puerto Rico auto theft, muggings, and drug trafficking are the most commonly reported forms of crime. However, tourists are safe as most of the violence that takes place is between criminal groups, or due to infighting between gangs. Violence does not extend into ordinary life. In Puerto Rico, drug-related violence is mostly related to drug lords shooting each other over control of drug points. Visitors should observe the same precautionary measures that would apply anywhere else. Nearly all crime is concentrated in the big metropolitan cities of San Juan and Ponce. Neighborhoods of La Perla and Santruce are notorious areas for crime. Avoid the big slums in the city as they harbor a number of seasoned criminals and are often the sight for drug dealings. Beggars are common in Puerto Rico, and you will seem them at traffic signals all over the city. Do not stop or roll down your windows in an attempt to help them.