Puerto Rico: Costs

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Costs

Puerto Rico is cheaper than any other American city and a holiday on a limited budget can be achieved in Puerto Rico with ease. San Juan is the most expensive of all the other Puerto Rican cities, mainly because it’s the capital, but not in any way exorbitant. Depending on the kind of holiday you are looking to spend in the country, costs vary. Expensive holidays in 5 star hotels with visits to fine dining restaurants and travel by taxis will increase your costs 10 fold. A ride in a publico to another island will cost you as little as $5, whereas the same ride in a taxi will cost you close to $80! A complete meal with alcohol and dessert in a mediocre traditional restaurant will cost you no more than $10. A fine dining experience will set you back by $40-$50. Cheap meals at street side kiosks and bakeries (that turn out excellent fares) are inexpensive and $4 to $6 will be more than sufficient. If your budget is very tight, try the happy hour menus where prices are slashed. Accommodation is the main cost factor to consider while holidaying in Puerto Rico. For budget accommodation, allot $40 to $80 a day. Mid range hotels will cost $80 to $140. The very expensive 5 star hotels are $200 to $400 a night. Monuments, museums and places of tourist interest usually charge a fixed fee of $1 or $2.