Puerto Rico: Nightlife

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Nightlife

Puerto Rico has a pulsating nightlife, with the island coming to life at night in particular! Casinos, bars, pubs, clubs and discos form the core of the nightlife in Puerto Rico. San Juan is filled with nightclubs and bars that have live entertainment. A few nights a week, jazz is performed at different establishments in Old San Juan, Isla Verde and Condado, as well as in other areas. Live rock and roll and reggae music can also be heard frequently at Island nightspots. For lively local music, try the bars along Calle San Sebastián in Old San Juan. Centers of nightlife activity include Ashford Avenue and Isla Verde Avenue, which run along the beaches in Condado and Isla Verde, respectively. Old San Juan is also home to several night spots. Lively areas include Plaza Colón and Plaza de Armas, Fortaleza Street and Recinto Sur. Don't pass up the chance to walk down San Sebastián Street on a weekend evening, which is lined with establishments offering food, drinks and music. Puerto Ricans and tourists of all ages are drawn to the street's festive atmosphere. Ocean Park is also popular among the under-30 set.