Puerto Rico: Shopping Holiday

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Shopping Holiday

Puerto Rico offers some of the best shopping in the Caribbean and a shopping holiday in Puerto Rico is a must. For fine jewelry, pottery, fashion clothing and local cuisine the Plaza Las Americas in old San Juan has it all. The Condado area of Puerto Rico is home to the nest designer brands, and is well patronized by the brand conscious. Most Puerto Rican shops and craft markets normally target tourists by selling souvenirs, gifts and pottery. However you will also find markets that provide for local inhabitants around the island, with local farmers and bakers and tradesmen selling their wares. These may include bakeries and confectionary.

San Juan is actually the island's shopping Mecca, but since it isn't a free port you won't find many bargains on items like electronics and perfumes. However you can find excellent prices on jewelry, fashions, crystal and china. Shopping for local crafts can also be satisfying and on looking well enough tourists can find beautiful treasures. Tourists are often able to watch the artists at work. Some popular items that are available at every street corner in Puerto Rico include hand-rolled cigars, Mundillo lace from Aguadilla and fancy men's shirts known as Guayaberas. Remember to try the homegrown coffee (robust) and the island's local rum, which is considered by many to be the best in the world. You may find it hard to resist all the colorful strange articles that are up for sale here in Puerto Rico, so pack in a little extra cash for your shopping holiday in Puerto Rico. The country scores 5 on 10 as a shopping holiday destination.