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Puerto Rico Party Holiday - Singles Life

Puerto Rico is home to one of the most vibrant party atmospheres, and a party holiday in Puerto Rico will keep you coming back for more! Puerto Ricans are a lively community of people, with their life revolving around having a good time. Many tourists visit the country to witness this great zest for life. A party holiday in Puerto Rico is all about good music, good food, and good rum combined with excellent moves on the dance floor. Salsa and Meringue are the most popular dance form on the Caribbean Island, and to see some of the best salsa dancing in the world, Puerto Rico is the place to be! Once the sun sets most clubs, bars and pubs come alive to the sound of music. Casinos, live bands and jazz clubs form an integral part of the nightlife in Puerto Rico, adding up to a perfect party holiday in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico's casinos draw visitors with the hope of fame and fortune and are a big part of the nightlife in Puerto Rico. From black jack to roulette tables to poker, visitors are invigorated by the prospect of winning big. The Casino at The Ritz-Carlton, the largest in Puerto Rico, combines decorative elements of the 1940's with rich and brilliant tropical colors to create an exquisite casino setting. Old San Juan and Isla Verde are the most popular neighborhoods for partying in the capital of Puerto Rico. There is such a diverse nightlife here, you can either party the night away take in the live bands and shows, or sit until the early hours in a lovely harbour bar and watch the world go by! Puerto Rico scores 7 on 10 as a party holiday destination.