Puerto Rico: Family Holiday

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Family Holiday

Puerto Rico is an excellent destination for a fun family holiday. While the beaches of the country make it a great escape for a relaxing holiday, the natural terrain of the country makes for interesting hiking and mountaineering trails and an eco friendly holiday for the family. A family holiday in Puerto Rico can be centered on the rich history of the country as well. Take your children on a historical trip to the forts of old San Juan. The museums in the country are worth a visit and give an in depth account into the development of the country. In San Juan is the Museo Del Niño hands-on, interactive museum that also offers live entertainment, such as puppet shows. The El Yunque Rainforest is filled with hiking trails that lead you past cascading waterfalls where you can even swim in the water at the higher elevations of the park.
Another place that will fascinate kids is the Zoológico de Mayaguez, a zoo that features a wide-open Savannah-like environment for its inhabitants. Puerto Rico’s main zoo is located in Mayaguez near the agricultural research station and includes a children’s park, a lake and a few small islands. The zoo maintains over 300 species of birds, reptiles, mammals and plants, making it an interesting place for a pleasant family outing in Puerto Rico. The Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park located neat Utuado contains 1,000-year-old stone monoliths and petro glyphs, which were created by the Taino Indians who once inhabited Puerto Rico. The thousand year old Indian park is an interesting place to visit while on your family holiday in Puerto Rico. There is a lot on offer for an interesting family holiday in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico scores 8 on 10 as a family holiday destination.