Puerto Rico: Cruises

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Cruises

Cruises in Puerto Rico are the most popular holiday option for travelers, owing to the beautiful beaches, harbors and ports in the country. The main passenger port of Puerto Rico is San Juan which is the 4th busiest harbor in the western hemisphere, with over a million passengers using the port on an annual basis. Cheap cruises to Puerto Rico are easily available since Puerto Rico is one of the cheapest islands in the Caribbean, thus offering some of the best deals. Most cruises originate from ports in the U.S. and Americans do not need a passport. Most cruises dock at San Juan while many cruises begin their journey from San Juan itself to the other Puerto Rican islands. Cruises in Puerto Rico vary in price, size, comfort, duration of the cruise and the number of islands to be toured, and there is something to suit every kind of budget. Cruises in Puerto Rico offer scenic beauty of a whole different level. Most cruises in Puerto Rico originate at San Juan and stop at islands like St.Thomas, St.Lucia, Antigua and St.Marteen. The best time to take a cruise holiday to Puerto Rico is during the winter months. The weather is perfect and so are the seas. The stops at various islands give travelers a chance to soak in the ambience, shop, eat and tour places of interest. Though cruises ply all year through, winters are the best months to ravel on a cruise in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico scores 8 on 10 as a cruise holiday destination.