Puerto Rico: Camping

Gatekeeper of the Caribbean Sea

Puerto Rico Camping

Camping holidays in Puerto Rico are popular since Puerto Rico is an eco-tourism paradise and home to plenty of campsites and all kinds of fascinating wildlife. The El Yunque Rain Forest is renowned for camping as are other campsites like Toro Negro, Rio Abajo and Culebra Island. In the Toro Negro Reserve campers will find clean rivers and good fishing among the Cordillera Central, the central mountain range on Puerto Rico. The Toro Negro Reserve has a campsite near man-made lakes that are also good for fishing. Campers can spend the day traveling 750 feet down into San Cristobal Canyon, a volcanic rift. The campgrounds at Rio Abajo are well-known for camping holidays in Puerto Rico. Traveling through underground caves is one fun and interesting activity in this area. Adventure tours guide people through underground rivers. Visits to the Camuy Caves and Lake Dos Bocas are possible from here. Near the southwest tip of Puerto Rico and its lighthouse is located the Susua Reserve which is a good camping site. Excellent hiking and beaches are available here. Culebra Island is a popular spot for a camping holiday in Puerto Rico. The campground is located on Flamenco Beach, and tents are $10 each at the office. Clean water and toilets are available, but the water is not drinkable. Food must be bought in town, and there is a cheap bus route that travels from the campsite into town. Guards protect campers at night. However, be aware that during the summer it can often be crowded and hectic, much less relaxing than in the winter months. The island is best known for hiking and snorkeling as well as its beach. Puerto Rico scores 8 on 10 as a camping holiday destination.