Prague: Introduction

The Seductive Virgin City of Europe

Prague Introduction Prague Introduction

Having broken free from the shackles of communism fairly recently in 1989, so determined was Prague to be known on the tourist map of Europe that UNESCO had to accommodate her name in its prestigious list of World Heritage Sites.

Prague appeals to audiences of every age group, ethnicity and taste. There’s something for everyone in ever-thoughtful Prague. If kids are jubilant at the prospect of being amidst the best toys from all over the world in the world’s second largest toy museum or touring the city in cute little kiddy trains, the most resolute of women succumb to their weakness on shopping for exquisite handicrafts in the quaint local bazaars of Prague. If wannabe divas haunt Parizka Street, the fashion station of Prague, aficionados of classical music worship the ground on which their revered music maestros walked. Art lovers throng this veritable cultural paradise throughout the year while honeymooners revel in the romantic mysticism of the place. Prague pumps the adrenaline of the most ardent sports enthusiast, tickles the palate of the most knowledgeable gourmet lover, entices the most fun-loving youth with her pulsating nightlife and satiates the thirst of the most hearty beer guzzler. For those seeking solitude, her silent and magnificent churches, synagogues, wooded parks and picturesque towns dotted with cozy homes connected to each other by cobblestone paths do the trick. For the boisterous, she lets her hair down for them.

Truly, no other city in Europe could afford a more rewarding holiday experience than Prague.