Poland: Introduction

A country with new world cuisine, a bustling nightlife and a haunting past

Poland Introduction Poland Introduction

In recent years Poland has made a name for itself as a top stag destination. Cheap flights, cheap accommodation and cheap alcohol have all aided in Poland achieving this fame. However, Poland has a lot more to offer than drunken weekends in Krakow and Warsaw. A country of beautiful expansive scenery, with a mixture of highlands, flats and coastline, there is much to explore. The mountains in the south of the country are covered in snow during the winter months and are a Mecca for local skiers and winter sports lovers.

During the summer months however, the temperature is much warmer; topping 30ºC at times. The result is the mountain regions become flooded with greenery and are perfect locations for a spot of cycling or hiking. While everyone flocks to the south in the winter, during the summer months, most head north to the beaches along the Baltic coast, especially around Gdansk. Elsewhere in the country, there are many rivers and lakes offering great opportunities for fishing, sailing and rafting. There are of course many historic cities in Poland, such as Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw, each with it's own medieval old town and history. And of course, you don't have to be there on a stag weekend, to enjoy a few shots of Polish vodka.