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For such a small island, there is an impressive array of hotels in Penang. Penang hotels range from 2-star to 5-star hotels, and beach resorts. Boutique hotels in Penang are becoming more common. A night at a 4-star hotel in Penang typically costs less than 45 Euros for two people. Average hotel prices are about 30 Euros per night. Obviously, prices depend on the star rating of the hotel and its location. Budget accommodation that is under 14 Euros per night may well be very basic and you may not have your own bathroom. Mid-range hotels in Penang costing around 14 – 44 Euros might offer more luxuries such as a swimming pool. Most of Penang’s hotels are located on the island but there is also a good selection on the mainland strip of Penang, or Seberang Perai as it is known to locals. There are two main locations to choose from - stay in the city within close proximity to the UNESCO heritage site of George Town, the state capital of Penang or in the beautiful Penang countryside near the beaches and hills. A government tax of 5% is levied on to all hotel rooms. It’s also worth remembering that there can be a service charge of 10% in the more luxurious hotels. Interestingly, hotels in Penang frequently quote comparable prices for both double and single rooms, so it can be much cheaper to travel with a companion. Apart from the major holiday times, discounts are often on offer at hotels, so it’s always wise to enquire if there are any current deals.

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