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Penang Guest Houses

Guest houses/hostels in Penang

Penang has a wide range of very affordable accommodation that is generally referred to as either ‘guest houses’ or ‘hostels.’ This can take the form of anything from a hut on the beach to a comfortable room in a private home that has been partitioned in to guest accommodation. A dormitory bed in Penang costs a minimum of 2 Euros per night. Guest rooms in Penang can cost anything from 5 Euros for a very basic room, to 22 Euros for a hotel style room with air-conditioning and bed and breakfast included. Most guest houses will offer you a choice of a shared or private garden, and air-conditioning. One of the major advantages of staying at a guest house in Penang is that many of them offer much closer access to the most popular tourist locations. Backpacker hostels in Penang cost around 4 to 7.5 Euros for a single room. Prices for guest houses in Penang depend on whether you’re in the holiday season. Prices rise steeply from December to January.

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