Penang: Food and Drink

Pearl of the Orient

Penang Food and Drink

The diversity and quality of food in Penang is the stuff of legends and Penang has often been described as a paradise for foodies. There is an impressive range of different types of Asian cuisine available within a very small area. There are countless Chinese, Thai and Malaysian restaurants in Penang, and yet they always seem full! Penang is one of the best places in Malaysia to sample Nonya (Straits Chinese) cuisine. Also very popular in Penang’s restaurants is seafood and lots of restaurants in Penang specialise in fresh prawns, crabs and fish. Even though there’s a clear Chinese influence, there are also lots of Indian restaurants in Penang. Meals in a restaurant can vary from 6 to 21 Euros per person, depending on the sort of food you choose and whether you drink alcohol with it. While there are many restaurants in Penang which offer good food, you can also enjoy Penang’s hawker stalls, which sell delicious food. They have an informal atmosphere and the food is cheap. Try the roadside stalls along Kimberley Street, near the Burmah Road Supermarket, the Esplanade and along Gurney Drive. Typical Penang hawker food costs around 1 Euro for a dish. It’s worth bearing in mind that it can be tricky to find food outside of regular meal times during the day. Lunch hours in Penang are generally 11:30am to 2:30pm and there’s not much on offer again until 6pm. this time until around 6 pm when the dinner shift starts. Hawker stalls open from 7.00pm.