Netherlands: Introduction

Bustling liberal cities, Windmills, flowers, fish, cafés, cheese - and tall people

Netherlands Introduction Netherlands Introduction Netherlands Introduction

The Netherlands have something to offer everyone, because there is so much culture and history packed into this small country. The Dutch people are renowned for their friendliness and curiosity and you will never be at a loss for conversation, especially as so many Dutch people speak English. Although most of the countryside is flat, it is often colourful and has its own characteristic beauty. Getting around this compact country is painless whether it’s by car, train or by cycling.

The Netherlands are a cyclist's paradise, with bikes for hire throughout the country and dedicated cycle lanes on nearly every road. Train travel is fast, efficient and cheap and you can journey from one end of the country to the other in about 3 hours. Combining a cycle tour with train travel is a great way to explore the Dutch countryside. Nearly every railway station has a shop where you can hire a bicycle.

Exploring the Netherlands in this way will provide you with new adventures, hidden riches and a experiences of sleepy towns and villages seldom known in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Dutch cuisine is sometimes seen as plain, but has its own distinct character.

There is a huge choice when it comes to eating out in most Dutch towns and cities, so you will never be short of dishes from the world's finest cuisine, especially many Indonesian restaurants. Dutch cities are excellent places for shopping, with their safe pedestrianised streets and excellent shops and department stores. Even though the exchange rate between the Euro and the Pound is not as favourable as it was for UK travellers, the Netherlands is still a good place to shop, although true bargains might be hard to find.

You will never be short of things to do at night in the Netherlands. You may decide go to a concert in Amsterdam, visit the theatre, or a play (some productions are in English). You may decide to dance away the night in one of the nightclubs or listen to one of the many types of live music in the numerous bars and clubs.