Netherlands: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Netherlands Food Guide - Dining Out

The Netherlands' variety and diversity of attractions and activities are equally matched when it comes to dining out in the Netherlands. Although traditional Dutch cuisine is often considered plain, eating habits in the Netherlands have changed a lot in recent years and you will find dishes that blend traditional Dutch fare with many overseas flavours that have influenced the Netherlands over the last several hundred years. In addition, you will find restaurants selling several different ethnic cuisines, such as Turkish, Indonesian, Mexican and Italian in even the smallest of towns.

There are plenty of choices for vegetarians too, with most restaurants offering at least one or two vegetarian dishes. In the Netherlands, the main meal is in the evening, with lunch usually being a modest affair. Most Dutch people eat at around 7pm, so if you intend to eat out at around this time, it is a good idea to reserve a table in advance. However, this is not necessary if you are happy to eat a little later in the evening. In the Netherlands there are many eetcafes, which are similar to English pubs that serve food. The difference is that in an eetcafe, has a traditional Dutch atmosphere, so they are a good place to enjoy the local ambience too.

A steak in an eetcafe is likely to cost about £10, a fraction of what you might pay in a restaurant. That is not to say that all eating out in the Netherlands is for the budget traveller. You will find a fair number of Michelin star restaurants here too. At the Ciel Blue restaurant in Amsterdam, for example, the main course for your evening meal if you choose from the a la carte menu, is likely to cost something in the region of £50.