Netherlands: Costs

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Netherlands Costs

The Netherlands used to be a relatively cheap country in which to live. However, since the introduction of the Euro costs have risen significantly. More recently, the depreciation of the pound against the Euro has made the Netherlands still more Expensive for British travellers. As with other countries, it is best to travel off peak if you want the best deals.

Some typical costs in the Netherlands are:

Guest Houses: £20 per person per night upwards
Hotels: £55 upwards for 3 star
Pint of lager (beer) £1.94
25ml of whisky £2.30
1 litre of coca cola £1.50
Cup of coffee £1.50
Breakfast £5
Lunch £10
Dinner £20

Taxi from Schiphol Airport to central Amsterdam: £36
Buses/trams/trains: 80p to £1 per hour travelled (using a Strippenkaart)
Cycle Hire from £3.50 per day, £22.50 per week